Chocolate, Cheese, and Watches. What do these three things have in common? They’re probably the biggest stereotypes when somebody talks about Switzerland, where I am from. And you know what? I love all three of those things.
I came to Japan a little more than three years ago because I loved games and really wanted to study Japanese because of it. So after studying the language for a year, I decided to enter HAL Tokyo where I am majoring in Game Planning & Design.

Next to studying, I started an intern as Content Creator at SPeak where I really got to love the people and the work that I do.

What does “borderless” mean to you?

Exploring more than you know. I was an extreme introvert before randomly meeting a fantastic friend in Japan who really opened up my mind and changed my thinking and just myself overall. Since then I believe I became an extrovert who loves to explore Japan, its culture and people and always look forward in a positive manner.

What is it like working for SPeak?

To be honest, after just the first few E-Mails we exchanged I knew that this was a great company to work for. I am not a fan of the Japanese-styled job-hunting system, which just is not good in my opinion and has lots of room for improvement. Now, our CEO created SPeak for the purpose of changing this system and I could not agree less.

The working environment in the office is excellent – casual but professional. After only a few weeks of working here, I already felt like I was integrated into a family where each member cares for each other. I love it.

What do you hope to achieve at SPeak?

With the content we provide, I would love for foreign students like myself to find a convenient and more reliable way to find jobs in Japan without going through the struggle of going to countless information meetings or job fairs. With going through the job-hunting season myself right now at school I know how difficult and tiring it can be, and to be honest it was frightening for me when I first got to experience it. So with SPeak I want to create an environment for foreigners and companies in Japan to easily connect and communicate.