I’m Abbey, the communications and editing intern here at SPeak. I’m originally from Oregon, USA, but I’ve lived in Japan for over two years. I attended Aoyama Gakuin University majoring in International Business and Politics.

What does “borderless” mean to you?

I came to Japan for the first time when I was fifteen years old. Over the years, I met and became friends with people from different countries, different backgrounds, and different cultures. Being borderless to me means accepting differences as a given, and appreciating every person and every culture for what they are.

What is it like working for SPeak?

From the moment I met our CEO, I knew I wanted to work for SPeak. We’re a fast-paced rag-tag team consisting of some of the most diverse and interesting people I’ve met. As a foreigner who struggled learning Japanese culture and finding a career in Japan, I feel a personal connection to our mission, and I want to help as many students like me as possible.

At SPeak we believe our individuality is our strength, and we encourage each other to be independent and creative. No idea is too big, and that’s what I like about SPeak.

What do you hope to achieve at SPeak?

I hope to inspire students like me to challenge the system. I know what its like to want to work in Japan but to feel hopeless and like the only choice is to give up. I remember that feeling well, and I want to be the beacon of hope for students that I didn’t have when I was looking for a career in Japan. Professional support and advice is fantastic, but beyond that, a helping hand that believes in you can make the biggest difference in a young person’s life. I believe that SPeak is that helping hand.