An idealist dreamer with a big ego to prove. When I decided to pursue a future in Japan back in 2015, I brought a big dream with me alongside my toothbrush and clothes. Making a change that would make a mark on society that forever would be remembered – was my goal. Now, that boy from Indonesia is on his way to change a system that has been around for more than 50 years, and make life easier for people who is trying to pursue a life in Japan.

What does “borderless” mean to you?

I am a Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University alumni from Indonesia. My university has the highest ratio of foreign students coming from all over the world with different backgrounds, and located in a small Japanese town called Beppu. If borderless means cultural awareness and mutual understanding, then I would consider myself as a very “Borderless” person as I have been surrounded with faces from places all over the world. But for me, “Borderless” means an environment where everyone has equal chances with bridges that connect them instead of walls that isolates. Coming in to SPeak, I believe together we can create equal chances for foreigners to create a career in Japan because to our company, the human part in human resource really matters.

What is it like working for SPeak?

There is a special working environment when it comes to SPeak. We are open to discuss opinions regardless of age and our ideas are respected. The people that I work with are very proactive and every day we challenge each other to bring out the best that we can deliver without any pressure of judgement. Yes, currently Speak is a growing startup but the people and the culture makes it very comfortable even when there is a big amount of responsibility in hand.

What do you hope to achieve at SPeak?

I hope to achieve growth and recognition when I decided to be a part of the company. It may sound selfish to most people, but as an individual I want to prove to the world that what you dream is achievable if you do it. SPeak has a very noble mission and as a company I believe that there is a bright future ahead for SPeak in the human resource industry. And I definitely want to be a part of it and be known for my contributions.